St Aidan's Orthodox Church

Time and Talents 2018

As you may know, this is not a year in which formally observe Time and Talents Sunday (usually mid September). We shall probably do this every two years … a reasonable cycle for peoples’ circumstances to have changed.

That does not mean, however, that we should only be concerned about our we offer to the Lord through his Church, in terms of time and talents, when we have our Sunday celebration. We need to prayer frequently that God’s will may be done in our lives and that means having a bit of a personal stock check from time to time.

There are gifts that we use to His glory consistently and continuously in the Church but there are other offerings of our time and talents and come and go with the passing of the seasons. Please speak to one of your clergy if you feel that your contribution as a member of the body of Christ could usefully change. We will help you make sense of that and work through the practical implications.

Remember, everyone can bring something to the apostolic work of Christ, no matter how humble. It is the calling, privilege and empowerment by the Holy Spirit in our baptism and onwards.