St Aidan's Orthodox Church

Parish Life

A Busy Orthodox Parish in Manchester


Confessions are heard during the Praises of Matins on Sunday mornings (approximately 9.55 am to 10.15 am), before Great Vespers on Saturday evening (4.00 pm – 5.00 pm) or by appointment.

Childrens’ Classes

These take place after the Liturgy.  Contact Oana Dragan for details.  We follow the Archdiocesan program (written by teachers in this parish, “Followers”, here.)


Those wishing to become Orthodox first enrol as Catechumens and spend some time acquainting themselves with the Faith and Life of the Orthodox Church.  At a mutually agreed time the Catechumen will be either chrismated or baptised depending on any previous church connection (if any).

Bible Study

First and Third Tuesday monthly in Church at 8pm.  We are currently studying Romans.

Theological Education – “E-Quip”

The parish runs a Diploma Course (“E-Quip”) in Orthodox Theology. The Course is published online here.  The Diploma is an optional extra and involves 6 essays per annum over 3 years.  The Course is blessed by our bishop and functions as both an instrument for general Christian education and theological formation prior to ordination, (Year 1 before the diaconate and Years 2 and 3 before the priesthood.

This course, which assumes no previous knowledge beyond the basics of Christian faith and life, is designed to equip Orthodox Christians (and exceptionally non-Orthodox spouses of attending Orthodox) in Orthodox theology for their own witness and service.

E-Quip online is available for long distance study but candidates will still be expected to complete the written work (2 pieces in each of 3 terms) if they wish to qualify for the Diploma.  If you are interested, please contact Fr. Gregory at

St. Theodore Orthodox Bookstore

This substantial bookstall is to be found in St. Aidan’s Church.  It opens whenever the Church is open.


The parish runs a large Library of books on the first floor to lend and this has a separate section for the use of those on the “E-Quip” Diploma Course.

Icon Workshop

This meets on most Saturday afternoons (check first) and is run by our resident Iconographer and Warden, Efrem Carrasco.  Contact Efrem on 07882 381573.

Pastoral Care

Fr. Gregory and Fr. Deacon Emmanuel are available for any kind of visiting or ministry.  Holy Communion may be received at home by the housebound and anointing is available for the sick.  If you yourself or loved ones are admitted to hospital please let your priest know and he will visit where requested.  Houses may also be blessed throughout the year.

Diakonia (Service)

St. Aidan’s collects clothing, bedding and food for a local Mens’ Hostel.  We also contribute to a local food bank.  Donations may be made in church.  St. Aidan’s also supports Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Levenshulme and the surrounding areas.