Facebook Vlog Study Note Archive

The Vlog appears on Tuesdays on Fr Gregory’s Facebook feed from 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm (London): https://www.facebook.com/fr.gh1 and also on the Parish Facebook feed: https://www.facebook.com/aidanorthodox/ In the pre-Lenten period there will be, additionally, weekly devotionals on Wednesdays at 4pm (about 15 to 30 minutes). The Lenten Schedule will be published on Wednesday 10th March.

To follow the services and talks you will need to have a Facebook account and submit a Friend request on Fr Gregory’s Timeline.

You may find transcripts of some of the talks at the foot of this page. 

Here you will find a schedule of forthcoming talks, devotionals and services during the pre-Lenten period:

Schedule of Pre-Lenten Services, Devotionals and Talks

In addition to the Vlog broadcasts on Tuesday we have weekly Scripture Readings Guides posted here as follows:-

New Testament Readings Guide from the Lectionary published weekly on Thursdays at 6pm (London).  This not a permanent archive.

Weekly New Testament Guide 28th February to 6th March

Weekly New Testament Guide 7th to 13th March

Calendar and Lectionary 24th February to 13th March

Old Testament 52 weeks Readings Guide (Septuagint version), added to weekly at 6pm (London) until completion on 24th May 2021.  This is a permanent archive.


Permanent Archive of the transcripts of some of the Vlog Transcripts.

A much bigger library of talks may be found on our E-Quip Course site here:- 

E-Quip Course in Orthodox Faith and Life

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Ecumenism and the Reception of Converts (9th April 2020)

“Jesus Wept” (10th April 2020)