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Each Quiz is based on a talk or talks in our Archdiocesan "E-Quip Course in Orthodox Faith and Life" linked on the index list below.

You do not have to read the relevant E-Quip talk(s) first but you may get a higher score if you do.

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  • Each Term has a group of quizzes on a varying number connected pages covering all 10 talks.
  • The first link below will take you to the relevant Term's E-Quip talks on the E-Quip web site.
  • Within a Term you navigate to the next Quiz for the Term using the navigation buttons NEXT and PREVIOUS at the foot of each Quiz page.
  • The second set of links at the foot of this page will eventually take you to the pages for all the other Terms' Quizzes.  You will need to return to this page to access all of these.  THESE INTER-TERM LINKS WILL NOT APPEAR HERE UNTIL THE TERM 2 QUIZZES ARE PUBLISHED.
  • It will take several weeks for all the Quizzes covering the 9 Terms to appear here.  Please check back regularly.

E-Quip Year 1 Term 1 Talks

Quiz 1 is based on Talks 1A1 and 1A2.

Quiz 2 is based on Talks 1A3, 1A4 and 1A5

Quiz 3 is based on Talk 1A6

Quiz 1 Question 1Which monk said: "If you are a true theologian, you will pray.  If you truly pray, you are a true theologian"?
Quiz 1 Question 2Is there scope to be inexact or uncertain in Orthodox Christian Theology?
Quiz 1 Question 3How many theologians with that title (Theologian) have there been in the Orthodox Church?
Quiz 1 Question 4Who can experience directly the Uncreated Light?
Quiz 1 Question 5Which of these did St Basil instruct his students that they should NOT study?
Quiz 1 Question 6Are we all born with the impulse to know God?
Quiz 1 Question 7How can we know God directly and in our experience of Him?
Quiz 1 Question 8Which is the theology of what God is NOT?
Quiz 1 Question 9Which is NOT an acceptable rendering of God's Name in the appearance to Moses in the Burning Bush?
Quiz 1 Question 10Which term CANNOT be applied to God?
Quiz 2 Question 1Only one of these is correct when it comes to truth according to Orthodox Christianity.  Which one?
Quiz 2 Question 2In the gospels, what did Pontius Pilate say about truth?
Quiz 2 Question 3Which of these does NOT appear in the classical Greek triad alongside Truth?
Quiz 2 Question 4Is theology should appear to disagree with science, which should give way?
Quiz 2 Question 5Which best describes the content of Tradition in the Church?
Quiz 2 Question 6How long approximately after Pentecost did it take for the New Testament canon of 27 books to be agreed by the Church?
Quiz 2 Question 7Which one of these does NOT bind the beliefs of Orthodox Christians for salvation?
Quiz 2 Question 8Which collection and translation of the Old Testament do the Orthodox use in their Bibles?
Quiz 2 Question 9Which of these is NOT an original language in which at least some of the biblical text was written?
Quiz 2 Question 10Which of these is NOT an appropriate tool for understanding the meaning of Scripture?
Quiz 3 Question 1Where should we live?
Quiz 3 Question 2Which of these is NOT an Orthodox theological conception of humanity?
Quiz 3 Question 3Which one of these is true concerning Mary, the others being false?
Quiz 3 Question 4In relation to God, humanity is best compared to which of these?
Quiz 3 Question 5The goal of deification is best seen as which one of these?
Quiz 3 Question 6Which of these is NOT a guaranteed path to theosis (deification)?
Quiz 3 Question 7What are we? (choose only one, the rest are heresies!)
Quiz 3 Question 8Which of this is a true definition of the "passions" in the Orthodox Christianity?
Quiz 3 Question 9What is the meaning of "using your nous" in Orthodox Christian anthropology?
Quiz 3 Question 10Which Church Father said: "The glory of God is a living human; the life of the human is the vision of God"?

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