The Parish

Parish Profile

St. Aidan’s, Levenshulme is a parish in the south of Manchester serving the south Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Cheshire and North Derbyshire.  The community worships in a property acquired from the United Reformed Church in 1996.  It was refurbished, equipped and consecrated by His Grace, Bishop Gabriel (Memory Eternal!) in October 1996.  The temple is located in a commuter district of Manchester central with excellent transport links by bus, rail and air.

The parish uses English exclusively in its services and because English is either the first or second language of everyone attending and being involved in parish life, the church is highly diverse culturally and inclusive in character.

The worship, while firmly Orthodox and traditional, is nonetheless fairly ecclectic in character, affirming all the differing customs and practices of the Orthodox patrimony, whether, broadly, Byzantine or Slav, western or eastern, African or Levantine / Syriac.  This applies to the musical tradition as well.

The parish emphasises all age Christian education and there is a very comprehensive provision for that; see the Resources page.  We also highly value and nurture the quality and depth of our commitments to one another in Christ and the marginalised and powerless in the wider community.  We seek, simply, to be faithful to the gospel.

Parish Priest: Archpriest Gregory Hallam

Contact (Mobile): 07780 970884

Contact (Landline): 0161 456 8167




Assistant Priest: Fr Emmanuel Kahn

Contact (Landline): 01925 721206



Assistant Priest: Fr James Burns

Contact: 07876 531150